In order to use the digital certificate, you must install the drivers for the cryptographic device that you can find at http://support.transsped.ro/.

To install the drivers, you need to go to our support site http://support.transsped.ro/ to download the installation kit for your device. This is a single executable file that you need to run. All the drivers and applications you need will be installed.

To find out what type of operating system you have, follow the steps below:

  • Go to My Computer and click right
  • Select Properties
  • Select General or System Type.

If here is not mentioned Operating system type chooses the 32-bit version of the kit.

The file you are downloading is an executable file (should have the extension ".exe"). If the file you downloaded appears to be unknown, please change your extension to ".exe" and then double-click it → Run. "Install Manager" will start.

It is not necessary for the device to be inserted into the computer during installation, but the installation process is not affected if it is connected.

Installation can be done on multiple computers and proceed as with the first computer, installing the appropriate drivers on our support site: http://support.transsped.ro/.

If you want to use 2 or more devices of the same type from the same computer, you will install the drivers once. If devices are different, install the drivers for each device type.

To verify that the certificate is installed correctly, do the following: connect the device to the computer, open an Internet Explorer page, then in the Internet Explorer menu, go to Tools → Internet options → Content → Certificates → Personal and check here if the certificate issued by Trans Say on your name (below you are through the screen). If the certificate appears here, it means that the installation was done correctly and you can use the certificate.

If the certificate does not appear in that field, you will need to manually export the certificate.

For the export procedure there is an explanation guide for each device type.

After you have completed the export procedure, you will need to check again in Internet Explorer if the certificate was exported.

EasySign can be downloaded free of charge by Trans Sped customers and can be used to digitally sign documents without requiring the installation of license files. If you want to use the other features of this application, you need the license files. These are not included in the standard package. There are several types of licenses with different functionality for this application.

Please let us know if you requested the purchase of the license files.

To sign documents with Easy Sign 2 Light (unlicensed application), choose the "Sign Document" option.

EasySign programm is free for Trans Sped customers and can be used to sign PDF documents and .p7m / .p7s. The other multiple signing and markup functions can be purchased separately after discussions with a Trans Sped representative.

If you want to use the digital certificate to file tax returns with ANAF, the next step is to fill out the confirmation document. This document is downloaded from www.anaf.ro → Online Services / Electronic Declarations → 05. Download Declarations → Confirmation Document. We recommend that you save this document to your computer and fill it in with your data (name, surname, cnp, e-mail address), sign it electronically and send it to us at confirmare@transsped.ro .

The confirmation document is filled in at the top (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS AND USER SIGNATURE); The fields in the second half of the document are automatically filled in with your data and by the Certification Authority.

If you want to use the digital certificate in relation to other institutions, please ask their representatives for more information about the registration procedures / how to use the certificate.

ANAF forms are not signed with Easy Sign. These forms have an option to sign in. Signing them is the same as when signing the confirmation document.

Once issued, the certificate can no longer change the email address for which it was issued. The only way to change the address involves revoking the certificate and issuing a new one to the other mail address. For remittance it is necessary to pay for the issue of the certificate. To re-issue the certificate, the email address must be valid and personal.

For the signature to be recognized as valid by Adobe Reader, you must make the following settings:

  • open a signed document with the Trans Sped certificate;
  • right-click the signature on the document and choose "Show Signature Properties";
  • Click the "Show certificate" button in this window.
  • Click on the "Trust" tab in the current window and then click on the "Add to trusted Identities" button.

Then close and reopen the document and the signature will appear valid.

First you must see if the device is really locked. To check if the device is locked you must connect to it using an application depending on the device you are using.

For connecting, please refer to the “Manual procedure for exporting a certificate guide”.

When you try to connect to the token, you will be asked to enter your PIN. If the PIN is not accepted when you connect and you are sure you entered it correctly, it means the device is locked.

The token is locked if you enter an incorrect PIN more than 8 times. When the correct PIN is entered, this count is reset to 0.

If the token is blocked, it must be sent to us along with a PIN unblock request.

Information about the documents required for issuing a certificate can be found at: http://ca.transsped.ro/Index.aspx?Document=enrol

The documents can only be brought or piced up only by the certificate owner.

Qualified Certificates are issued in accordance with the "Electronic Signature Law 455/2001" and are valid for one year.

To sign the User Agreement in .p7m format, you must have a program installed that can do so. A program that signs documents in .p7m format is Easy Sign. To sign the document, you must also have your device connected to your computer.
The .p7m signing guide can be downloaded from: http://ca.transsped.ro/files/manuale/sd-p7m.pdf

For security reasons, the PIN code is sent to the owner on the same day as the cryptographic device, by Romanian Post with a stamped envelope. If you do not get it, please contact us.

The old certificate is not deleted in the reissuing process, but it cannot be used after its expiration. While the two certificates overlap as valid, you must select the certificate you want to use at the time of signing.

We do not recommend deleting certificates from cryptographic devices because they cannot be recovered if you need them. If the deletion of certificates on the device is required, you must complete a certificate removal request and send it to our company's office with your device. In order to get a certificate removal request, you must contact us.

The certificate can be downloaded in .cer format using the online search service that can be accessed at https://ca.transsped.ro/search.aspx. Enter your email address and CAPTHCA code and then click on "Download: PEM".

Trans Sped is a certification authority that only issues extensive electronic signatures, that respects the law of electronic signatures.

To apply your signature on a .pdf document with Adobe Reader, you need to have an updated version and follow the steps: Tools -> Certificates -> Digitally Sign -> Create a signing field -> Sign the document.

The same certificate issued by Trans Sped can be used in the relationship with several state institutions. After registering the certificate in the database of the institution you want to collaborate with, you can use it to sign documents or to access the portal of the institution. Example of institutions: ANAF, CNAS, Ministry of European Funds (MySmis2014), SEAP, ForExeBug, InfoNot etc.

Drivers & Applications

The drivers for your cryptographic device can be downloaded by visiting our link support.transsped.ro where you need to download the kit for your device.

The device kit contains:

  • The required chain of trust for certain programs or sites that verify the origin of the electronic signature.
  • The latest drivers of your device tested and verified by our specialists.
  • The latest version of Easy Sign used to sign and timestamp the documents.

Contact us

38 Despot Voda street, District 2, Bucharest, Romania
Technical support: (021) 210.75.00
Technical support: support@transsped.ro

If you have any questions or want additional information, we are at your disposal at the phone numbers displayed or you can write us an email directly to the department you want to address and we will return with an answer in the shortest time